Cushion Inserts & Fillings

Zip fastening on sofa cushion
Feather wrapped foam cushion

Feather Wrapped Foam:

Feather Wrapped Foam cushions consist of a high density Reflex foam core which is surrounded by a sumptuous zipped feather & down filled jacket.  They require a minimal amount of plumping-up and maintenance and they hold their shape well.

The foam can be removed and replaced easily and the jackets can be boosted up with more feather & down if they ever need it.  They are perfect for larger sofa seat cushions.  As a rough guide, expect to pay £140-£195 per cushion.

Feather Topped Foam:

Feather Topped Foam cushions are made up in the same way but the the feather & down filling is on the top of the foam only so that the base of the cushions lie flush against the surface that they are sitting on.  These are ideal for window and bench seat cushions.

All Feather/Down Cushions (no foam core)

We also make up feather & down blends and pure down seat and back cushions with no foam core.  These are more suited to back cushions and traditional upholstery as they are a bit more forgiving.  We are generous with the amount of filling that goes into each cushion so that they offer a good level of support and comfort.

If you are after a softer, lighter and more luxurious cushion and you don’t mind plumping up from time to time, go for a higher proportion of down. For a firmer cushion, go for a higher proportion of feather.  As a rough guide, expect to pay £120-£160 per cushion.


If you have any specific requirements for your cushions, please let us know.  Photographs can help if you are after a specific look.  We are more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your seating.