Cushion Inserts & Fillings

Zip fastening on sofa cushion
Feather wrapped foam cushion

Feather Wrapped Foam:

Feather Wrapped Foam cushions consist of a high density foam block surrounded by a sumptuous zipped feather jacket.  They require a minimal amount of plumping-up and maintenance.  They hold their shape very well and offer a good level of support and comfort.

They are perfect for larger 2/3 seater sofas and chair seats.  Feather Wrapped Foam cushions are also ideal for Bench Seating and Window Seat Cushions.

Feather and/or Down Cushions:

Feather &/or Down cushions are ideal as back cushions and seat cushions too.  Each cushion is pocketed to hold the filling in place.  For a firmer cushion, choose a high content of feather.  If you are after a softer, lighter, more luxurious cushion and you don’t mind plumping them up from time to time, go for a higher proportion of down.

Our most popular combinations:

  • Duck Feather (100%)
  • Duck Feather & Down (85%/15%)
  • Duck Down & Feather (60%/40%)
  • Duck Down (100%)